Tivari & Hareçari Law Firm  was created on 2011 by lawyers Att. Idlir Tivari and Att. Elda Hareçari.

Our law firm aim at providing their clients with legal services and representation in national and international jurisdictions at all levels, fiscal and financial consultancy, through a maximal and professional commitment.

The objective of Tivari & Hareçari Law Firm is to become a benchmark for clients who require professional legal assistance at any time, solution of complex problems and prevent them whenever it is possible.

Today it operates in Albania and abroad helping companies, government agencies and individuals throughout the territory of Albania and abroad, in collaboration with other professional nationally and internationally law firms.

Tivari & Hareçari Law Firm also has partnership relations with different legal firms in Kosovo, Europe and the United States of America, particularly in Paris, Rome, Munich, London, Geneva, Athens, Madrid, etc.

In our work, we are guided by the spirit of close cooperation and mutual professional understanding, giving in this way to our clients an environment that offers reliability and security.

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Att. IDLIR TIVARI – Partner

Born on May 10, 1984 in Durres, Albania. Practicing lawyer starting from 2010 and Attorney at Law starting from October 2011. He is graduated in the Faculty of Law in Tirana. During his career as a lawyer, has committed a series of legal practices abroad. Areas of practice that he is focused are criminal law, family law, constitutional law, administrative law, etc. Att. Idlir Tivari owns four foreign languages, English, Italian, Turkish and French. Vice President for Europe of the AEA (International Lawyers Network) since June 2019.

Att. ELDA HAREÇARI – Partner

Born on June 16, 1986 in Durres, Albania. Practicing lawyer starting from 2010 and Attorney of law starting from October 2011. She is graduated lawyer at the Faculty of Law in Tirana. Areas of practice which she is focused are fair trade, fair tax, bankruptcy, competition, social security, intellectual and industrial property, law of the sea, litigation, etc. Att. Elda Hareçari is fluent in three foreign languages, English, Italian and Spanish.